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Salvage EXP



Salvage EXP:
1. The Salvage EXP feature will unlock at Lv 30.
2. Salvage EXP allows you to claim a portion of the EXP reward for the daily events and dungeons that you haven’t completed.
3. Salvage EXP is awarded each time you log in. Salvage EXP only accumulates from uncompleted dungeons and daily events during the time after your previous login. If you do not claim this EXP upon logging in, the EXP will be reset on the next day.
4. Salvage EXP can only store EXP from uncompleted daily events and dungeons for 7 days.
Conditions that qualify for Salvage EXP:
Dungeons: Unlocked Dungeons that have entry requirements within 10 levels of the Player's current level.
Daily Events: A Dangerous Journey (Lv 30), The Deadliest Hunt (Lv 20), Astral Trials (Lv 30), Alchemist's Request (Lv 30), The Demon Dilemma (Lv 30)
Ways to Salvage EXP:
By Coins: Use Coins to salvage EXP.
By Cash: Use Cash to double the amount of EXP salvaged!