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Guild Buildings



[The Archives]

You can check on the status of all the buildings in your Guild Base through The Archives. The Archives cannot be attacked.


[Watch Tower]

The Guild Leader or Lieutenant can upgrade the Watch Tower into a Sniper Tower (Physical Attack) or a Magic Tower (Magic Attack) to ward off intruders. (Note: Before it is converted into an actual defense tower, a Watch Tower does not possess any defensive capabilities and cannot be attacked.)


To build or upgrade your buildings, click [Build] to view a list of Guild Resources and the amount required for construction. Resources can be created by processing materials gained from Escort Quests. (More on this later!)



[The Defense Center]

The Guild Leader or Lieutenant can employ various Guardians from the Defense Center to defend the Guild Base. Employed Guardians will defend the Guild Base diligently for 12 hours and will actively seek out invaders who trespass upon the premises. The Guild will not be able to employ any Guardians if the Defense  Center is destroyed.


[The Command Center]

Guild members with the rank of Advisor or higher can use this building to upgrade the Crystal Pillars used in the Siege War event. If the Command Center is destroyed, the guild will not be able to upgrade any Crystal Pillars.


[The Factory]

The Guild Leader or Lieutenant can manage and create Guild Resources in the Factoy. Here, materials such as Wood, Minerals and Leather gained from Escort Quests can be processed into Polished Timber,  Metal Ingots, and Treated Leather. Processing requires time, during which guild members can use Guild Hours to accelerate the production process. If the Factory is destroyed while materials are being processed, the materials that are being processed will be lost.


[The Shrine]

Guild members can spend Reputation Points here to hold a Seance to gain special items. If the Shrine is destroyed, guild members will no longer be able to perform Seances.


[The Materials Vault]

The Materials Vault is used to store the Wood, Minerals, and Leather that Guild Members earn from completing daily Escort Quests. These materials can be processed at the Factory into resources for upgrading Guild Base buildings. The Materials Vault must be protected well from invaders as the Guild will lose 20% of each material if it is destroyed. In such an event, the invaders will earn 10% of the total materials stored.

[The Resource Vault]

The Resource Vault is used to store processed resources such as Polished Timber, Metal Ingots, and Treated Leather, all of which are used to upgrade Guild Base buildings. The Resource Vault must be protected from invaders as the Guild will lose 20% of each resource should it be destroyed. In such an event, the invaders will earn 10% of the total resources stored.



[The Research Academy]

Here, guild members can use Guild Hours to upgrade a wide array of Guild Skills.  Should the Research Academy  be destroyed, benefits and buffs offered by the skills will no longer take effect.


[The Workshop]

Guild members can purchase items from this building using Reputation Points. This service will no longer be available if this building is destroyed.


Note: Buildings that display a HP bar, such as in the example below, are vulnerable to attacks and can be destroyed. When such buildings are under attack by invaders, an alarm message will appear on the Guild chat channel calling for help. Respond immediately and defend your Guild Base!



Should one of your buildings be destroyed, all is not lost. Simply click on the ruins to open up the option for repairs.


A progress bar will appear each time a building is under repair, under construction, or upgrading. Click on the progress bar to accelerate construction and view your current contribution. Remember, the more people participating in the building effort, the faster the construction will be completed!


Only the Guild Leader or Lieutenant can stop the progress of a building under repair, under construction, or being upgraded.