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Helpful Hints



Constructing New Buildings

The Guild Leader or Lieutenant has the authority to start the construction of a new building.

Click on the building you wish to construct and click [Build] to begin.


Upgrading Buildings

Once the Guild Leader or Lieutenant has begun a building upgrade, guild members must contribute to the effort in order to complete the upgrade.


Repairing Buildings

Buildings destroyed by invaders can be repaired and will require guild members to contribute to the effort in order to complete the repair. Contributing guild members can receive EXP and Guild Hours as rewards.


Destroying Enemy Guild Buildings

Click on a building with an HP bar and use your skills to attack it. (Note: Buildings without HP bars cannot be attacked.)


Effects and functions provided by a building will no longer be available once it is destroyed and will require repair from the members of the occupying guild before functionality is restored.


Resurrecting Allies in the Guild Base

If you die in defense of your Guild Base, you can resurrect at the Resurrection point in your Guild Base. Dying in an enemy Guild Base will automatically teleport you out of that Guild Base.