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Guild Interface



Viewing my guild:


Click on the “My Guild” tab: 

The main screen of your guild interface will appear:


This interface allows you to:


1.  Check basic information about the guild: Guild Name, Guild Leader, a list of members, News, etc.

2.  DonateSupplies or Coins to the guild: Click the “Donate” button to access the donation interface and earn Guild Reputation Points.

3.  Guild Supplies can be earned by completing Guild Quests. You may find the Guild Quest NPC (using auto-path or Wing-Tips) by clicking here:

4.  If you wish to join or create a new guild. You must click on the “Quit” button to cancel your membership with your current Guild. (Note: There is a 24-hour cooldown period before you can apply to join another guild after having just left one.)


Guild Activity

Left: A list of players who have applied to join the guild. You can accept or reject the applications.

Right: A log of each guild member’s activity in game.


Guild Rewards

Daily Reward: Log in everyday to claim a reward from your guild! The more consecutive days you collect your daily guild reward, the better it gets!

Guild Wages: Guild members can log in and claim wages from the guild once per day. The EXP and Coins you can get from claiming guild wages will increase according to your level. Spend 10 Cash to double your wages!