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Guild Introduction



After you reach Lv 5, you may join or create a Guild. Guilds allow you to interact with other players in a centralized organization and provide you with exciting new features, skills and benefits that are unavailable elsewhere.


The Guild interface:


Click on the “Guild” button in the Social Menu on your hotkey bar: 


The Guild interface will appear:

Guild List: A list of all the guilds on your server in descending order by rank.

My Guild: Opens up the interface for your guild.

Siege Point: Opens up the interface for the Guild Siege Point event. For more information, visit the Siege Point section under the PvP Category on the Wings of Destiny official website.

Create Guild: Create a new guild.


How to create a new guild:


Click on the “Create Guild” button to enter the guild creation interface.

1.  Select your Guild Faith:Radiance or Darkness.

2.  You must have a Guild Emblem to create a guild. You can purchase this using Cash or Vouchers from the Mall.

3.  Enter your guild’sname and slogan, and then click on the “Create Guild” button to complete the guild creation.


How to join a guild:


Find a guild you wish to join on the Guild List and click the guild name to select it:

Click on the “Apply to Join” button to apply for entry into the guild.