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TIP: Selecting a higher quality cart will cost more Coins. However, your rewards for a successful delivery will also go up!






Remember that you can use Insurance to protect against losses in case you don’t succeed.




[Event Rules]
1. You can attempt the Escort Quest up to 3 times a day.
2. Upon accepting the quest, you have up to 20 minutes to deliver the cargo to its destination or you will fail the quest. You will not be able to receive all of the rewards if you fail.
3. You can choose to buy one of several different kinds of Insurance while accepting the quest. Insurance allows you to receive the event reward even if you fail to deliver the Supplies in time as a result of a player attack, delay, or being disconnected.
4. Each time you log-off or get disconnected during a delivery, the rewards of the event will be reduced by 20%. Make sure your connection is stable before you begin this event!


1. You can attempt to hijack the Supplies of other players doing this event. Destroy the Cart and you will receive Coins equal to 50% of the Cart's value.

1. You will need to spend a certain amount of Coins when you accept the quest depending on the quality of the Cart you choose.

1. While accepting the quest, you can choose the type of Guild Materials to deliver - Wood, Minerals, and Leather. The materials you deliver will be deposited into the guild upon a successful delivery and can be used to upgrade the Guild. The Guild Base feature has not been released at the moment, but you can start gathering the supplies now to build it when it is available!
2. Upon a successful delivery, your Reputation Points reward will be determined by the quality of your Cart.