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Mystery Maps


Press the "M" key to open the map interface. Click the "Open World Map" button at the top right corner to view unexplored regions:


Take a look at the World Map. You’ll notice 3 mysterious areas with their names in grey:


1: Valley of Death
Accessible from the Holy Grounds, this map is great for a sightseeing trip... but will things change for this region? We shall wait and see!

2: Whitepeak Mountain
Once you complete Adelaide’s quest (Lv 40-45) in Castia Corridor, you can access Whitepeak Moutain through this NPC!

3: The Forbidden Land

Complete the "The Test" quest from the NPC "Bard" at the Fallen Swamps when you reach Level 65 and he will help teleport you to the incredible Forbidden Land!

Continue to explore the vast and wondrous land of Wings of Destiny! Happy adventuring!