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How Do I Convert Cash?


What is Cash Conversion?
Converting Cash is a quick way to get tens of thousands of Coins each day. Based on your MVP level, you can earn bonus Coins on top of your conversion rate! This feature refreshes each day at 00:00.
The Interface
► Click the highlighted icon below to open the Convert Cash interface.


► Click on “Convert” to convert 1 Cash into Coins based on the conversion rate. You may convert larger Cash amounts as your conversion level increases.


►With a high enough STAR level, you can use the Batch Convert feature to convert all the Cash you can for the day in one conversion.


A confirmation message will pop up when you click “Batch Convert”. If you have insufficient Cash, you will not be able to perform the conversion!

► The large numbers shown next to the golden icon indicates how many remaining conversions you have for the day.