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Equipping Souls


Once you reach Level 20, you can equip Souls through the corresponding interface.


Soul Equipping Interface
On this interface, you can equip Souls that you collected from the Soul Drawing Interface. You can also drag Souls onto each other convert them into Soul Experience to increase Soul Level.

The interface is divided into two panels on the left and right:
Left Panel:
Slots on this panel allow you to equip Souls in your collection.
Right Panel: All the Souls you have in your collection that can be equipped, converted into Experience and fused into others, or have its status toggled between Locked or Unlocked.
Click on the “Draw” button on the left panel to access the Soul Drawing Interface.


a. Basics of Equipping Souls
Click and drag Souls from the right panel and drop them into opened slots on the left panel. Doing so equips the Soul and grants you the benefits stated in the Soul’s description.
b. Basics of Leveling Souls
In order to increase the Level of a Soul, select a Soul from the right panel that you wish to convert into EXP, and drag it to the Soul that you wish to level. A message will pop out indicating the amount of EXP the Soul will receive. The message will read “[XXX] received YYY Experience”. Click “Confirm” and the dragged Soul will be consumed by the target Soul as EXP. Click “Cancel” to cancel this action.
c. “Binding” Souls
At the top of the interface, there is a “Lock” button. Click this button to change the cursor. Clicking any Souls on the right panel while the cursor is like this will Lock or Unlock a Soul when you click on it. Locked Souls cannot be converted into EXP for other Souls.

d. “Fusing” Souls
"Fusion” allows you to convert multiple Souls into EXP for a single Soul.
Drag the Soul you wish to level into the slot left of the “Fuse” button. Click “Fuse” and all the Unlocked Souls in your collection will be converted into EXP for the Soul you selected.
Important Reminder: Fusion cannot be reversed. If there are Souls you don’t want to lose, it is best that you Lock them to avoid accidentally converting them into EXP.
e. Collected Soul Storage
There are a total of 20 slots on the right panel for you to store your collected Souls. 5 of the 20 slots are opened by default. The remaining 15 are locked. The more slots you unlock, the more convenient it will be for you to manage your Souls.
f. Opening Slots for Soul Storage
Click the Locked slot you wish to open and a message will pop up. Click “Confirm” to accept the condition and the slot will be opened for use.
To open multiple slots at once, click the Locked slot at the end to get the option to open all of them. Click “Confirm” to open them for use.