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Drawing Souls


You can begin drawing Souls once you reach Level 20 by accessing the Soul System through the "Souls" button.

a) Soul Drawing Interface
You can access this menu by pressing "E". You can draw new Souls to use on this interface.

Above: Soul Drawing Interface
b) Basics of Drawing Souls
At the bottom of the interface are five circular buttons, each representing a different stage. Click on any highlighted circle to draw a Soul.

*Reminder: Each time you draw a Soul, there is a random chance to unlock the next stage. There is also a random chance you might be sent all the way back to the first stage on the left end.
c) The different qualities of Souls you can draw from the 5 stages.
The quality of Souls you can draw from this stage.
Stage 1: Grey, Green
Stage 2: Grey, Green, Blue
Stage 3: Grey, Green, Blue
Stage 4: Green, Blue, Purple
Stage 5: Blue, Purple, Orange, Red
d) Cost of drawing a Soul from each stage
Stage: The amount of coins it costs to draw a Soul from this Stage
Stage 1: 5,000 Coins
Stage 2: 7,000 Coins
Stage 3: 10,000 Coins
Stage 4: 15,000 Coins
Stage 5: 20,000 Coins
e) Auto-Functions: Draw Max, Collect All, and Sell All
There are three functions you can use while drawing Souls to speed up the process, making it more convenient for you to use this system. Each auto-function is designed to simplify drawing of Souls, especially if you intend to draw a lot of them at one go.
A. Draw Max
Once you reach Level 35, the Draw Max auto-function is unlocked. Click this button on the interface to automatically begin drawing as many Souls as your current Coin supply allows. This will save you the hassle of repeatedly clicking on the various drawing stages.
*Reminder! Keep an eye on the Coins you have left while this is going on.
*Please note: This auto-function will stop once you unlock the 5th stage. You get to enjoy the thrill of drawing the most powerful Souls for yourself!


B. Collect All
Click this to collect all usable Souls you have drawn into the Soul Storage interface where you can equip your Souls.
*Please note: Grey Souls cannot be equipped and therefore, cannot be collected.
*Remember! If you are unable to collect any more Souls, check your Soup Storage interface to see if you still have empty slots available to contain the Souls. Make room for more if there’s none left and use this auto-function again.

C. Sell All
Click on this function to sell all your Grey Souls.