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Hotkeys allow you to quickly access major game interfaces in Wings of Destiny, as well as activating skills and items listed in the Hotkey Bar at the bottom of the game screen. 


▼Skills (1/2/3/4/5/Q/W/E/R/T)

Newly unlocked skills are automatically added to your Hotkey Bar. You may drag new skills and items into the large circular hotkey slots at any time based on your preference. Press the corresponding numbers on your keypad to use assigned skills and items in order from left to right.

▼Game Feature Interfaces
Character Interface: (C)
Skills: (J)
Enhance Interface: (9)
Pet Interface: (P)
Mount Interface: (O)
Default Ride: S (To be used with the Default Mount setting)
Default Summon: D (To be used with the Default Pet setting)
Equipment Card Interface: (7)
Arena: (L)
Auction: (I)
Friends: (F)
Guilds: (G)
Souls Interface: (K)
Quests: (Q)


Auction: (I)
Mailbox: (N)
Rankings: (V)
Auto-Combat: (A)
World Map: (M)
Hide Other Players: (.)
Mall: (D)
Settings: (B)

Daily Events: (U)
Lucky Roulette: (8)
Mysterious Shop: (X)

▼Other Hotkeys
Change Target: (~)
Close Current Window: (ESC)
Enter Chat: (Enter)
Change PvP Mode: (Z) (Can only be used in maps where various PvP modes are allowed.)
Hide All Names: (,)
Normal Attack: (Spacebar)

▼The Character Interface

♥ Don’t worry about accidentally triggering the hotkeys while chatting. They won’t work as long you’re typing in the chat box.
♥ If you’re in full screen mode, you cannot use your hotkeys or chat with other players.
♥ Use the HD version instead for a full screen gaming experience with the ability to use hotkeys and chat!