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Deathmatch - Rules And Regulations


A new challenge has dawned in Wings of Destiny – The Deathmatch Arena!


[Event Times]
There are TWO available time slots for this event each day.
11:30AM – 12:30PM PST
8:00PM – 9:00PM PST
There is no limit to the amount of entries for this event during these time slots.
[How Points Are Tabulated]
The last player standing is placed in the “Wins” category. Those that die, leave, or    disconnect are placed in the “Losses” category.
Players in the “Wins” category will earn 5 Battle Points.
Players in the “Losses” category will earn 1 Battle Point.
[Getting To The Next Stage]
Your default Deathmatch Stage level is 1. There are a total of 10 stages available.
The total number of players in each Stage will vary.
[The Rankings]
The rankings on each Stage are determined by the number of Battle Points gained by each player. The rankings will refresh at 00:00 every Sunday.
Participate in at least 5 matches daily to earn Battle Points based on your Stage level!
[Additional Rewards]
The more players you kill in the event, the better. This will allow you to redeem a daily reward from the event interface!
[Entry Fees]
The entry fees will increase as you progress to higher Stage. These fees are based on the following scale:
Entry Fee = Stage Level x 2,000 Coins
The fees will not be deducted until a match is set and you enter the Deathmatch Arena. If you do not have enough Coins, you cannot enter the arena.
[Arriving in the Arena]
You will be teleported to a random location within the event map upon entry.
[Automatic Matches]
Matches are arranged based on Stages.
Once enough players sign up and meet the event requirements, a window will pop up asking for confirmation.
Once you confirm your entry, you will be taken out of your current team and/or dungeon and sent directly to the event channel.
[Preparation Time]
You will be given 30 seconds to prepare for battle upon entering the event map.