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The Deathmatch Arena!


A new challenge has dawned in Wings of Destiny – The Deathmatch Arena!

The Event Page

What is the Deathmatch Arena?
The Deathmatch Arena takes the Wings of Destiny Arena PvP to a whole new level. Players of differing classes and skills must face-off against each other in a fight for survival and glory!
Eliminate all other players in the event map as fast as possible when the round starts. The last player alive wins the round and is awarded the most Battle Points (BP). Tournament rewards are decided based on the total BP earned by each player. Based on your total BP gained per week, your Deathmatch Stage level may change!
Every player can participate in 5 Deathmatches for free each day. Any BP you earn are delivered directly to your mailbox. The further you advance in the tournament, the more BP you’ll win!
BP can be spent in the Arena Mall to purchase equipment blueprints, high-grade materials, and other various items.