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Click the icon to enter the Event interface:



The Event interface:


Registration Rules:
1. Lv 20+ Players who create or enter the room will need to pay the corresponding registration fee.
2. Battle will begin if there are more than 2 contestants registered after countdown completes. Players can choose to back out of the event before it starts, in which case 10% of the Coin fee will be forfeited. Vouchers will be fully refunded.
3. An event countdown of 5 minutes will start when at least 2 players are registered.

Event Rules:
1. Players will be scattered throughout the map and may begin battle after 30 seconds. Players will be switched to Massacre Mode automatically.
2. Every player will have at least 1 point upon entering the area. The amount of points that you start with are equivalent to the fees paid.
3. Players will be awarded the points of the players they kill. The more points you accumulate, the better your rewards will be. Players who die will lose all points.
4. The points of a player who leaves or disconnects during the event will be equally distributed amongst all other participating players.
5. Players can check who has the most points on the score board. Click a player’s name to auto-track to their location.
6. Elixirs and potions cannot be used during the event.
7. Each battle will end when there is only one player left or time expires. Points will be calculated when the entire event has ended.
8. Prize money will be awarded according to accumulated points. 5% will be deducted for taxes.

TIP: Hunt down players with accumulated points shown on their head to steal their prize!