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Dungeon Guide


Dungeons are undoubtedly the BEST place to find all of your Lv 20 – Lv 50 Grade A equipment sets. But you’d better be ready for a challenge like no other!
Step 1: Click the “Daily Events” button found at the top of your game interface to access the Dungeon list.

Step 2: Click the “Events” tab to access the interface shown below. 

Each Dungeon can only be entered five times daily but they’re open all day long!
Things To Note
1. Each entry is counted as one attempt whether or not you complete the Dungeon itself.
2. If you leave the Dungeon anytime during the run, you will be charged a new entry if you re-enter the Dungeon.
3. If you are disconnected or get kicked from your Team while in a Dungeon, you’ll have 60 seconds before you will leave the dungeon automatically.
4. If you enter a Dungeon by yourself and leave, the Dungeon will reset and any re-entries will be deducted from your remaining attempts for the day.