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Recover the Wings


The Wings of Destiny appeared in a mysterious place. Team up and recover the artifact!
This event can be completed twice each day. A Team is highly recommended for this event.
Event NPC
Holy Guard

What To Do
1.   Hordes of Demonic Lackeys will appear. Defeat them all to face the final boss!
2.   Demonic Lackeys are divided by color: Black, Red, and White. Different colors have different amounts of HP and yield different amounts of EXP.
3.   Defeat the Demonic Lackeys within 60 seconds. Otherwise, they will turn into Hell’s Angels, which have higher attack power.
4.   If you successfully recover the Wings of Destiny, you’ll be able to flip cards for a random reward. Should you fail to draw these rewards or disconnect during the process, the system will automatically pick a reward for you. If your Bag is full, the rewards will automatically be sent to your Mailbox.
Pro Tip
Kill the Demonic Lackeys as fast as you possible.
Event Time
13:00 – 14:00 and 19:30 – 20:30
Event Requirement
Lv 30 – Lv 70
Event Reward(s)
Various Lv 30 - 70 armor set Blueprints.