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Alchemist’s Request


The great alchemist is fretting over his newest concoction and needs your help!
This event can be completed 3 times each day. A team is highly recommended.
Event NPC
Alchemy Assistant

What To Do
1.   Your Team’s leader must click on the event NPC “Alchemist” to start the event.

2.   The Alchemist will provide you with a recipe. Based on its instructions, slay the required number of each listed monster.

3.   Once the requirement is fulfilled, the Team leader can deliver the potion to the Alchemist!
4.   3 different potion sizes exist - Small, Medium, and Large. If the ingredients for the potion exceed the amounts listed, the size of the potion will automatically increase.
5.   The amount of ingredients required for the different potion sizes increase automatically. If your Team exceeds any of the ingredient amounts required, your current potion will fail unless you upgrade to the next size.
6.   If any of your ingredients exceed the Large potion size, your Team will fail the challenge.
7.   If your Team succeeds, you’ll have a chance to flip cards for a random reward. Should you fail to draw these rewards or disconnect during the process, the system will automatically pick a reward for you. It will be sent to your mailbox if your bag is full.
Pro Tip
Assign each team member to a specific ingredient. This will help to not accidentally exceed the requirements.
Event Time
10:00 – 11:00 and 18:00 – 19:00
Event Requirement
Lv 30 – Lv 70
Event Reward(s)
Heathen Emblem, Bright Mark, Worn-out Broken Blade, Ashes of Evil Energy, Mysterious Jade Hook, Mutated Heart, Essence of Death, Source of Pestilence, Blade of Missed Chance, Twisted Soul, Pestilence Blood, Heart of Defeat, Prisoner Shackles, Rage Essence, Warden’s Helmet, Warden’s Armor, Blood of the Fallen, Shadow Eye, Zealous Will, Elemental Crystal, Elemental Essence, Shane’s Shell, Shane’s Bracers, Elemental Particle, Energy Seed, Elemental Heart, Dark Crystal, Elven Tears, Elven Ring, Source of the Fallen, Sage’s Cape, Arcane Shadow Diamond, Sage’s Soulstone