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The Auction House


Dear players, do you know we have an Auction House in the game? You can browse, buy, or sell all kinds of items at the click of a button! Here, we will teach you how to narrow your search by entering keywords, selecting a level range, Class, Category, and Grade! Get what you need today!


Click on the Auction House button to the top right of the game to open the Auction House:

Introducing the “Browse” menu:

After you select the “Class” and “Category” on the left, a third selection menu will appear. Don’t forget to click it! (Shown in the picture):

You can buy and sell various items in the Auction House. You can buy or sell in the <Wings of Destiny> Auction House with either of the two in-game currencies, Cash and Coins! We will be releasing more information about the Auction House soon, so do stay tuned! (PS. A fee will be exacted for all successful transactions)