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Mage: Possesses destructive power and an innate ability to control enemy targets. Able to specialize as either a Sage or Warlock as the game progresses.

With the ability to wield powerful ranged spells, Mages are the main source of damage for a Team.
A master of the mysterious elements, the Mage is a fearsome class that manipulates nature for devastating effects. Though inept at frontline battles, a wide array of AOE and Single-target spells can usually turning the tide of the battle.

Mage Skills:
Strong Magic Damage and status control. Weak against multiple enemies at once.

(Single-Target) Magic Blast - Default attack skill.
(Single-Target) Fireball - Regular single - Target attack.
(Single-Target - Buff) Lightning Strike - Advanced single-target attack.
(AOE) Energy Assault - AOE attack.
(Survival) Magic Shield - Creates a protective shield to absorb damage.
(Survival) Teleport - Teleports you to a specific location.
(AOE) Blizzard - Deals damage to all enemy targets in the skill area.