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The Arena and Faith


How To Earn Faith

You may select one out of two Faiths - Radiance and Darkness - in Wings of Destiny via the Faiths tab in the Character interface. Activating and upgrading a faith will grant additional Attribute bonuses and requires you to spend Battle Points earned in the Arena. While the Attribute bonuses granted by either Faith will be the same, it will influence the appearance of your wings and your trajectory for future class development. The differences between the two faiths lie entirely in how your character presents itself to the world.
Activating Faith


Bonus Attributes
1. A chosen Faith will initially carry only one Attribute bonus. Players may spend Cash to increase the available Attributes to two.
2. This window displays all information regarding your current Faith, including its level, grade, and EXP. It also displays how many Battle Points you currently have and how much more you need to upgrade your Faith.
3. Click "Upgrade" to invest Battle Points and upgrade your Faith. This process also costs Coins.
Once the EXP bar fills up, your Faith will upgrade automatically.

Upgrading Your Faith
1. Upgrading your Faith increases bonuses granted to your Attributes.
2. After ten upgrades, your Faith will advance to the next stage.
3. There are 4 stages for each Faith. Each stage will change your wings’ appearance!

Resetting Faith Attributes
1. You may reset the current Attribute bonuses granted by your Faith at any time. This will remove bonuses to any of the following Attributes: Max HP, Max MP, ATK, MATK, DEF, MDEF, CRIT%, HIT, EVA, HP Regen or MP Regen.
2. Using this feature requires Cash.
The Attribute bonuses will range from Grade C to Grade S.