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The Arena


The Arena is available for Lv 30+ players who wish to test their battle prowess against other players. Climb the rankings ladder and show everyone what you’re capable of!

Read on for a summary of the Arena and its various features!
The Arena Interface
Click the Arena button shown below to enter the Arena at anytime!


Arena Rules
1. Every player has five free chances to participate in the Arena each day. The Practice Battle Mode has no limitation on entries.
2. Lv 30+ characters can participate in the Solo Arena, while Lv 40+ characters can participate in the Team Arena.
3. Registering for the Arena costs Coins, while the Practice Battle Mode is absolutely free.
4. You cannot Team up with other players or participate in Dungeons and Events while waiting to enter the Arena. In order to join or start a Team for the Team Arena, you must cancel any Dungeon or Event queues you are currently enrolled in.
5. There are 4 battle levels: Novice (Lv 40 – 49), Junior (Lv 50 – 59), Senior (Lv 50 – 69), and Expert (Lv 70 – 79).
6. You cannot use normal potions, buff, or teleportation items while in the Arena.
7. The first player to defeat their opponent wins and will earn a large amount of Battle Points. A Draw or a Loss rewards you with a significantly less amount of Battle Points.
8. Battle Points gained from the Arena can be exchanged for special items in the Arena Mall, Arena armor sets, and various mounts.
9. An Arena season lasts two weeks. The winner of each season will win a generous amount of Battle Points.
Arena Schedule

A unique mount – the Magma Raptor- can be yours, with enough Battle Points from the Arena! Be the envy of all the other players TODAY!

Using Honor
Click "Redeem Rewards" to visit the Arena Mall shown below.

Items can be bought with Honor as shown below.