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Press ‘Enhance’, then click the Enhance button to enter the Enhancement interface.

Mouse over the Hammer icon to activate Hints. Click the Hammer to enhance. Coins will be deducted for each enhancement.

The percentage bar shows the success rate of your Enhancement attempt. Try to get it to 100%! If you are not satisfied with the result, click on the Hammer icon again to retry. Don’t forget to save your results if you get what you want! One complete enhancement will raise your equipment enhance level by +1!

Every enhancement requires Equipment Essence:
1. Equipment Essence I: Enhancement level 1-4
2. Equipment Essence II: Enhancement level 5-12
3. Equipment Essence III: Enhancement level 13-17
4. Equipment Essence IV: Enhancement level 18-20

After Enhancement



Grade [A] weapons of all levels will receive a dazzling aura when enhanced to +13: