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Grade S Equipment



Thought evolution was limited to just biology class? Think again! In Wings of Destiny, you can evolve virtually any Lv 70 equipment into incredible Grade S super equipment!
Not only does Grade S equipment have stronger attributes than Grade A equipment, but the enhancement limit is also increased to 25. Enhancement levels will be reset after the enhancement, and a certain amount of enhancement materials will be returned. 
Evolution Requirements
1. Lv 70 equipment (excluding accessories)
2. Equipment must have an enhancement level above 15
3. One [Dragon Essence] is required for each evolution. You may buy this item from the Mall, collect it by defeating World Bosses, or redeem it from the Arena Mall.
Evolving Equipment
1. A small green arrow button will appear on any equipment that fulfills all the conditions necessary for enhancement:
2. Click on the arrow button to open the Evolution interface.
[Dragon Essence] is required for evolution. You may purchase them from the Mall.
Click on the Evolve button to complete.
Please Note: A certain amount of Essence will be returned to you. The salvaged amount will be based on the equipment’s enhancement level.
Example: Before and After Evolution
Please Note: The more you enhance Grade S equipment, the better the attributes will become. Enhance to the maximum level of +25 for some of the best equipment in the game!