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STAR5 Benefits



1. Daily Quests: Grants 20 free chances to refresh Daily Quests.
2. Convert Cash: Grants 30 currency conversions daily.
3. STAR Packs: Gives you the STAR5 Pack.
4. Offline EXP: Earn 50% extra offline EXP per collection.
5. Guild Wages: Earn 50% extra Guild Wage EXP per collection.
6. Player Activity: Start each day with 20 Activity Points.
7. Events: Offers an additional chance to get special rewards after completing events.
8. Maps: Reveals all mining locations on the map.
9. Login Rewards: Earns a bonus 50,000 Coins when collecting login rewards.
10. Grants ability to invite players of the same gender to join you during the Hot Springs event.
11. Includes all benefits from STAR1 – STAR4.