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The STAR System


1. What is the STAR System?     

Every Cash bundle that you purchase will reward you with points that can be spent to raise your STAR level.
STAR Points are shared across all characters on your account. You may distribute these freely between different characters to earn various STAR benefits.

2. About STAR Levels  
STAR benefits start from the first STAR level (STAR1) and continue all the way to STAR10.        
The higher your STAR level, the more benefits you can unlock.
3. STAR Interface
Select a STAR level from the menu on the left to review benefits for that particular STAR level.

4. STAR Points
1) STAR Points are used to increase your STAR level through the STAR Interface.
2) Purchase any Cash bundle of your choice to earn STAR Points for your account. STAR points may be distributed as you see fit amongst any character in your account.
3) Click the “Upgrade” button located on the top right of the STAR interface to increase your STAR level, allowing you access to even more benefits!
4) If you do not have enough points to increase your STAR level, you can click the “Get Cash” button next to your character avatar to buy more Cash and earn more STAR Points.
1. STAR Points needed to upgrade your STAR level are gained by purchasing Cash. These points are NOT Cash itself! Spending them to upgrade your STAR level will not deduct from the amount of Cash you have in game. (Every 1 USD purchased grants 1 STAR Point. This calculation does NOT include any of the various additional fees different payment channels impose.)

2. Players are advised to purchase in bulk as different payment channels tend to impose a fixed fee for EACH transaction made!