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Daily Events





Daily events include: The Deadliest Hunt, Astral Trials, Land of Purity, Alchemist’s Request, Recover the Wings, The Demon Dilemma, and Deathmatch Arena.
Dungeons include:
i. Abyssal Quarry (Level 20)
ii. Abandoned Cellar (Level 30)
iii. The Infernal City (Level 40)
iv. Subterranean Prison (Level 50)
v. Ley Line Source (Level 55)
vi. Forgotten Temple (Level 60)
vii. The Proving Grounds (Level 65)
viii. Eternal Astral Realm (Level 70)
Bosses: Greed‘s Servant, The Wyrm King

Bring your team and plunge yourself into some exciting battles!