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Lucky Roulette



Click “GO” to spin!


1. Gem Points will be issued after each turn based on the total matching Gems that appear after each spin.
2. When two of the same Gem appear, you will receive 2 Gem Points for the matching Gem type.
3. When all three Gems match, you will receive 10 Gem Points for the matching Gem type.


1. You will gain Gem Points for various Gem Types based on Gem combination.
2. Gem Points can be used to redeem special prizes.
3. Gem Points do not occupy Bag space.


1. For a small Coins Fee, you may spin a certain number of times per day.
2. Your daily spin limit is based on your STAR level.


1. Use the Cash Spin option to spin for 10 Cash.
2. Cash Spins are unlimited.