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Game Update Report - February 1, 2013

Posted On: Jan. 30, 2013


[Valentine's Day] Event

1. New Costume: [Valentine's Costume], [Bearburry Costume]
2. New Map: [Romantic Manor] opened. 
Enter the map by talking to NPC Lady Rosaria (181, 83) in "Forrester City".
3. New Item: [Sweetheart Pack]
During the event, "Sweetheart Packs" will appear randomly in "Romantic Manor." 
Open them for a chance to get Blossoms, Pet Catalysts, Mount Catalysts, HP Elixir II, MP Elixir II, Wing Tips, and much more!
[Blossoms] can be exchanged for gifts! Find Lady Rosaria (88,50) in "Romantic Manor" to exchange Blossoms for Chocolates, Roses, Pet Catalysts, Mount Catalysts, and other gifts.
4. New BOSS: [Grim Witch]
During the event, the dreaded [Grim Witch] will spawn randomly throughout Castia Corridor, Crater Plains, Dark Rainforest, Fallen Swamps, Jade Sanctuary. 
Grim Witch drops may include Lv 1 Pet Catalyst x1, Mount Catalyst x1, Equipment Essence I x10, Equipment Essence II x2, Equipment Essence III x1, Choco x1, 999-Roses Bouquet x1, Blossom x1, or [(1-Star) Chuckie] all at random. 
5. Valentine's Blessings
During the event, send a special [Valentine's Gift] to your friends on the event page by clicking the "Blessing" button next to your friends' names. You may only send gifts to 5 friends each day.
6. Daily Login
Login for 7 consecutive days and get the special pet, [Chuckie]!
7. Event interface added.
8. Valentine's Day decorations and effects added to Forrester City.
Cross-server [Colosseum] Open
1. You can now compete in the Colosseum with players from other servers!
2. BP reward added for participation in cross-server Colosseum.
3. The first five times you compete in the Colosseum each day will award BP equal to your character's level. Consecutive fights will be awarded 5 BP each. 
[Grade S (Orange) Equipment] Element Attributes Enabled
Tip: Elemental attributes can increase inlaid Gem effectiveness.
1. Earth Element: Increases the effectiveness of Lapis Lazuli (MAX HP), Spinel (END), and Amethyst (MP REGEN).
2. Water Element: Increases the effectiveness of Peridot (DEF), Malachite (MAX MP), Garnet (HP REGEN).
3. Fire Element: Increases the effectiveness of Opal (ATK), Belomorite (MATK), Cat's Eye (HIT).
4. Wind Element: Increases the effectiveness of Amber (MDEF), Obsidian (CRIT), and Pearl (DODGE).
[Pet] Interface Changes
1. Pet name colors have been adjusted. Grade C pets will have green names, Grade B pets will have blue names, Grade A pets will have purple names, and Grade S pets will have orange names.
2. Free "Summon Deity" and "Worship" chances in the Pet interface are adjusted to accumulate through time. 1 free Summon every 60 minutes and 1 free Worship every 30 minutes. Free daily uses are based on character level.
3. "Summon Deity" limit removed.
4. Free "Advanced Training" chances in the Pet interface are adjusted to accumulate through time. 1 free chance every 120 minutes. The number of free daily chances is based on character level.
[Inner Fortress] Map Open
1. The new "Inner Fortress" map is now accessable from Jade Sanctuary (155,46).
[Cloudy Reach] Ancient Lands Open
1. The new "Cloudy Reach" map is now accessable through the Inner Fortress NPC, Captain Andy (123,89).
2. There are several portals in each level. Choose the correct one to advance to the next level.
3. There are 7 levels. Each level has two minor enemies that have a chance of dropping Grade A (Purple) Lv 80 equipment.
4. There are two elite monsters in each level. Defeat them to get an Elevation Stone II.
5. BOSS [Sinadra] resides in Lv 7 of Cloudy Reach. Defeat Sinadra to earn Dragon Essence, Elevation Stone II, Guardian Fragment, Gems, and other items!
1. Team EXP bug fixed. EXP will be divided among the team with the exception of dead members. Loss of members to the team will not affect EXP earned by the team.
2. In cases of auto-loot, "Loot Fail!" will be removed.
3. Cards effect increased:
Sinister Strength (For all equipment pieces)
Arcane Energy (For all equipment pieces)
Massacre (For all equipment pieces)
Power Surge (For all equipment pieces)
Spell Lock (For all equipment pieces)
Dark Flame (For all equipment pieces)
Voodoo (For all equipment pieces)
Double Take (For accessories)
Blood Feast (For all equipment pieces)
Black Death (For weapons and armor)
Fury (For all equipment pieces)
Tendrils of War (For all equipment pieces)
Shield (For armor and accessories)
Tremor (For armor and accessories)
Vengeance (For accessories)
4. New Mall Items:
●Gem [Spinel] Effect: Reduces DMG taken from CRIT.
●New Elemental Gems added. Effect: Increases the elemental attributes on equipment.
●Pet [Chuckie]
●New Pet HP Elixir II added. Price: 100 Cash