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Game Update Report - January 14, 2013

Posted On: Jan. 13, 2013



[Soul Slot] Enhancement System
Intro: Use Slot Points to enhance a Soul Slot and boost the Souls equipped in that Slot.
1 This feature unlocks at Lv 30.
2 Click [Enhance] in the Souls interface to open the enhancement interface.
3 Select a Soul Slot to enhance on the interface. Higher level Soul Slot make the Souls equipped there more effective.
4 Slot Points are required to enhance Soul Slots and can be gained through [Soul Tarot].
5 Mouse over the Soul Slots to view the enhancement effects. The difference between enhancement effects and current effects will be displayed in this mouse over.
[Soul Tarot]
1 This feature unlocks at Lv 30.
2 Click on any of the 6 cards on the interface to Flip a card.
3 You gain one chance to Flip a Card every 10 minutes.
4 A player can store a number of Flips determined by the character's Level. (E.g. Lv 30-39 can store up to 3 Flips, lv 40-49 can store up to 4 Flips, etc.)
5 Cards that appear on the board will differ according to Tarot Level. There is a greater chance of getting an Letter card with higher Tarot Levels. Place your cursor over the icon for more info.
6 Lucky Digits: These represent the additional amount of rewards given after a Tarot Flip.
When a card is flipped, 3 random digits will appear on the top right corner of the card.
If all 3 digits are the same, the Soul Points earned from the flipped card will be multiplied by 2-5 times, and you will receive a certain amount of Vouchers. 
E.g. If 222 appears, you will receive 2x the Slot Points on the card you picked and 2 Vouchers. If 333 appears, you will receive 3x the Slot Points on the card you picked and 3 Vouchers, etc
[Tarot Level] 
Tarot Level is determined by the number of cards that were flipped.
1 Every flipped card will give 1 T-EXP. Tarot Level will increase when T-EXP reaches the required amount for the next level.
2 The quality of Tarot Cards will rise with Tarot Level.
3 Letter Cards will appear in higher Tarot Levels.
4 Types of Tarot cards list: 10 Slot Points, 15 Slot Points, 20 Slot Points, 25 Slot Points, 30 Slot Points, A, B, C, D.
5 Letter Cards can be exchanged for:
 'A' Card: Slot Points
 'B' Card: Battle Points
 'C' Card: EXP
 'D' Card: Coins
[Related Feature Updates]
1 [Cash- Draw Max] feature added to [Draw Souls].
2 Improved [Collect all] feature, Players will be prompted when they click on [Collect all] with a Soul placed in the Compose slot. Selecting "Yes" will activate the "Compose" function, consuming all collected Souls and adding EXP to the Soul in the Compose slot. 
3 During [Collect All], Grade S (Orange) souls will be locked and placed in a Soul Slot 
1 Improved  Pets, Soul, and Items details. 
2 Added Blessing Points exchange option in the Mall. Pets can now be bought directly from the Mall with Blessing Points.
3 The Batch Mount Enhancement feature added.
Click “Enhance” and key in the number of times you want to enhance your mount (number of times cannot exceed the amount of mount catalysts in your Bag.) Click “Batch Enhance” to proceed, Batch Enhance will stop if you need more Coins or Mount Catalysts. 
Check “Don't show this again.” to stop the tips screen pop-up. 
4 “Transmutation Stone 1” and “Transmutation Stone II” can now be purchased from the Arena Mall.
5 Characters will receive a +12 Lv 60 Grade A (Purple) Equipment upon reaching Lv 50. 
6 Added the Pet Shop to the Pet interface. Pets from Mall, Arena Mall, and Blessing Points Exchange can be purchased from the Pet Shop now.
7 Added effects to successful deity summons.
8 Effects for successful Pet Training have been changed.
9 The Team bug is fixed: dead team mates will not receive any more EXP from kills.
10 The Ranking bug is fixed: Attributes gained from Symbiosis will not affect the Rankings for top attributes.
11 The Batch Advanced Training feature has been added. 
12 The  Summoning chances left will now be viewable in the Summon interface.
13 Grade S (Orange) pet bug is fixed. Grade S pets can now be enhanced. 
14 The alignment problem has been fixed for interface of Pets [Centaurian], [Efreet], and [Celestia].
15 All new pet features announcement will have [Try now] added to the end for players' to easily access these features.
16 Pets will now recover to maximum health after every stage in the [Warrior's Trial]
17 The Cash needed to claim offline EXP has been reduced.
[Septa Sacrarium] Map
1 A new monster will added to every level. (The type and amount of Elite monsters remains unchanged.)
2 BOSS monsters will now have a chance of dropping Lv 78-79 Grade S (Orange) Accessories.
3 Improved map resources.
[Class Skills]
[Twilight Arrow]: Summoned Skeletal Archer's ATK is increased to 50% of the Stalker's ATK. Summoned Skeletal Archer's (under rune skill) ATK is increased to 80% of the Stalker's ATK
[Stealth]: Cool down time is increased to 25 seconds.
[Dark Soul]: Effects of EVA and HIT are increased to 200%; The cool down time is reduced to 25 seconds; [Dark Soul - Agility]'s Rune effect for EVA and HIT is increased to 400%.
[Double Hit - Jar]: Movement speed reduction effect of the Rune is increased to 70% 
[Salvage EXP] Feature
1 Players can now claim part of the EXP from dungeons and events that they have not participated in that day upon their second login. EXP is stored for up to 7 days.