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WOD Game Updates [Mar 30]

Posted On: Mar. 28, 2016


Dear players! We will be holding a scheduled maintenance from 01:00AM - 05:00AM on Mar 31st (GMT-5). During this time, you will not be able to log in to the game. Tons of great new features and updates are just moments away. Stay tuned!

All characters will receive a system rebate of 2,000 vouchers after this maintenance!


[Easter Day] Events

1. Egg Hunt
Head to Tidal Town, Forrester City, and Hope Canyon during the event to hunt for Hidden Eggs. Open a Hidden Egg to get a Rainbow Shard and a chance to win a Bag of Coins!

2. Over the Rainbow
Exchange five Rainbow Shards with Elene in Forrester City (180, 80) for an [Easter Egg].
Open the Easter Egg for a chance to win Bags of Coins, Wing Tips, HP and MP Elixirs, Mount Catalysts, Lucky Runes, Equipment Essence III, Guardian Fragments, Knight Crystals, Tanzanite, and more!

3. Easter Dungeon: Land of Rebirth
Visit Elene in Forrester City (180, 80) during the event to enter the Easter Dungeon – Land of Rebirth. This dungeon is open to Lv 30+ players. One entry per day.
There are nine Dark Servants in the Land of Rebirth. Defeat them for a chance to win Easter Eggs, Equipment Essence II - IV, Lucky Runes, Mount Catalysts, Card Boxes, Eyes of Enlightenment, Transmutation Stone I & II, Gem Boxes, Knight Crystals, Blimpy Satchels, and other items!

4. Easter Quests:
Nine new quests have been added. Complete them win [Easter Egg]s!