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Game Update Report - December 27, 2012

Posted On: Dec. 27, 2012


Note: All players will receive 1,000 Vouchers for your patience with the maintenance!
[Costume Fusing]
1. The Costume Fusing feature will be added.
2. Players can click Costume pieces in their inventory and select the Fuse Costume option to open the Costume Fusing interface.
3. Costumes must be the same Level and worn on the same part of the body to be fused.
4. Fusing greatly increases the attribute bonuses granted to the resulting costume piece.
5. Costumes can be fused up to Level 10.
6. Non-permanent Costumes cannot be fused.
New Pet Features
1. [Summon Deity] & [Worship Deity]
● Summoning a Deity can bring you Blessing Points, Coins, and Pet EXP. 
● Worshipping Deities can increase the amount of benefits from summoning them. Deities must be summoned before you can use Worship.
● Use Summon Deity to change the type of benefits you can receive. Use Worship Deity to change the amount of those benefits you receive.
● The benefits received from summoning a deity can be increased with a successful Worship. On the other hand, a failed Worship will decrease the benefits.
● Worshipping can raise the level of the Deity by up to 8 levels.
● Players will be able to use Summon Deity and Worship Deity 5 times each day at no cost.
2. [Pet Training]
● Pet Training can be used to increase the attributes of a Pet.
● Resetting a Pet's attributes does not affect the bonuses granted by Pet Training.
● When STR, INT, VIT and SPI have all been raised to the maximum through Training, the Grade of the Pet will be increased by 1 level. Each pet can only have its Grade increased by 1, for example from Grade B to Grade A, etc.
● There are two modes of Pet Training: Normal and Advanced.
● Normal Training: Use Coins to randomly increase one of either STR, INT, VIT or SPI attributes by 2 points. The higher the grade of the Pet, the more Coins this will cost.
● Advanced Training: Use Cash to randomly increase 2 to 4 attributes by 6 points The higher the grade of the Pet, the more Cash this will cost.
3. [Pet Talent]
● Raise your Pet's attributes by upgrading its Talents.
● Upgrading Pet Talents require Blessing Points. The higher the Talent Level, the more Blessing Points the upgrade will require.
● Pet Talents can be raised up to +40.
4. [Symbiosis]
● Imbue a Pet's attributes onto your character with Symbiosis.
● The higher the Star rank of the Pet, the greater the effect of Symbiosis.
● The amount of increase for the attributes of the player character from Symbiosis depends on the corresponding attributes of the Pet.
● Activating Symbiosis will cost Energy. Energy is accumulated while a character is online.
● 6 Energy will be consumed for each second Symbiosis remains activated.
5. [Pet Skill]
● Each Pet has 1 unique skill.
● The Level of the Pet Skill is equal to its Star rank. Raising the Star rank of a pet also enhances its skill.
6. Blessed Pets
● Blessed Pets can be obtained with Blessing Points.
● Blessed Pets include: Grade C (Fenix, Centaurian, Scylla, Efreet) and Grade B (Dantalian, Celestia)
● Click the Blessed Pets icon at the top right corner of the Summon Deity interface to view the Pets you can obtain with Blessing Points.
[Elevate] Equipment Enhancement
1. The [Elevate] equipment enhancement feature will be added.
2. Special Grade A and Grade S class-specific equipment sets are eligible for this special enhancement feature. For example, Elevate will change a Level 70 weapon into a Lv 80 weapon.
3. Cards and Gems inlaid into the equipment will remain the same after Elevation. Enhancement will be reset to +0 with an appropriate amount of Equipment Essences returned to your inventory. The maximum limit for Advanced Attributes will be increased.
[Moonlight Island] Map
1. Moonlight Island will be added to the World Map
2. Speak with the "The Bard" NPC at Crater Plains [32,212] to enter Moonlight Island.
3. Monsters: Island Brute, Moon Wolf, Moon Fly, Sentinel, Old Assassin.
4. Drops: There is a small chance for the monsters on this map to drop Grade A Lv 70 Weapons.
[Septa Sacrarium] Map
1. Speak with the "High Priest Daniels" NPC at Moonlight Island [153,106] to enter the Septa Sacrarium.
2. The Septa Sacrarium has a total of 7 levels. The mini-map will be disabled upon entry.
3. Normal monsters will be scattered throughout levels 1F to B5 of the Septa Sacrarium, along with 2 Elite Monsters per level.
4. The Chaos Tyrant BOSS monster is located at B6 of the Sacrarium.
5. You will return to Moonlight Island if you refresh the game, disconnect, or choose to revive at a town while inside the Septa Sacrarium.
6. There is a small chance of obtaining Grade A Lv 70 weapons from the normal monsters in the Septa Sacrarium. There is a slightly better chance of obtaining Runestones.
7. There’s a chance to get Grade A Lv 70 weapons from the Elite monsters in the Septa Sacrarium. There is also a 100% chance of obtaining 2 Transmutation Stones (Can be used for Elevating equipment), 50 Runestones, and a Bag of Coins VI.
8. The following can be obtained from the Chaos Tyrant BOSS Monster at random: 1 Lucky Rune, 1 Mount Catalyst, 1 Equipment Essence III, or 1 Dragon Essence.
3 Runestone Packs (Each pack contains 250 Runestones), 45 Transmutation Stones, 3 random Gems, 4 Bag of Coins IV, 1 Guardian Fragment. (100% drop rate)
Changes and Improvements:
1. Increased the speed of the Sort function in the Bag.
2. Greatly increased the attribute bonuses from Gems.
3. Improved the interface of the Mall.
4. New limited-time Costumes added.Players can buy costumes of various durations.
5. Added Alchemy Lab, Battleground, Deathmatch Arena, and other relevant content to the Warrior Guide.
6. Altered the visual effects of materials and Cauldron selected in the Alchemy Lab.
7. Grade A class-specific equipment at Level 75 and above can now be Elevated into Grade S.
8. Added a system announcement for characters that have successfully Transcended to and Advanced Class. Lv 70+ Characters can perform Transcendence.
9. The Kringle Pet is now a Grade A Pet.
10. Players can now access another player's Alchemy Lab by clicking on their name in the chatbox.