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WOD Game Updates [Jul 20]

Posted On: Jul. 17, 2015


Dear players! We will be holding a scheduled maintenance from 01:00AM - 05:00AM on Jul 20th (GMT-5). During this time, you will not be able to log in to the game. Tons of great new features and updates are just moments away. Stay tuned!

All characters will receive a system rebate of 2,000 vouchers after this maintenance!


1. Fixed bug that made it impossible for players to accept Guild quests.
2. Guild Guard attributes have been greatly increased.
3. Crystal Pillar attributes for Siege War have been increased.
4. The attack power of Sniper Towers and Magic Towers in Guilds have been increased.
[Two New Mounts]
Tealos and Methustos ride into battle!