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News: WOD Server Merger [S55 & S56]

Posted On: Sep. 24, 2014


Since its launch, Wings of Destiny has soared to the top, becoming one of the most liked and shared games on the web. Our thriving community of players keeps us going! We always feel it's important to keep our communities as lively as possible.  

We've been listening to all of you and wanted to do what we can to make your experience the best possible. That's why we will merge [Server 55, Server 56]. During this time, both servers will be brought down. The length of the downtime has yet to be determined but is not anticipated to exceed four hours. Players will keep their original characters and be able to enter the new server by choosing their old server on the main page.

Estimated Downtime:

Sep 25 2014 01:00 AM - Sep 25 2014 05:00 AM

To thank our players for their patience and continued support, we will give out 2,000 Vouchers to all players affected by the merge once it is complete. Please feel free to contact our customer service team if you have any further questions.

Players can add Cash to their characters through old server numbers. We will be deleting all characters who 1) are Lv 20 and below and 2) have not logged in to the game in the last 60 days after this upcoming server merger - once deleted these characters will NOT be recoverable.

Functions Affected by the Server Merge

1. Character Selection

Login with your account and select your character. Characters in the affected servers will appear on a single character selection page. The new server can hold up to 8 characters. Character names will be tagged with server numbers. For example, [S55. Coolguy] [S56. Awesomelady]

2. Guild Names

Guild names will not be changed. However there will be an additional tag on the guild name to represent the original server. For example, a guild named "Kings" from Server 55 will be renamed "[S.55] Kings". All content and upgrades in each guild will remain the same.

3. Cash

Servers with characters on both servers will have their Cash totals combined. For example, if a player has 10,000 Cash on Server A and 5,000 Cash on Server B, there will be a total of 15,000 Cash on the new server.

4. Rankings

Rankings will be refreshed and adjusted after taking all the players in the new server into account.

5. Player Data

1). The Merge will not affect character stats or assets.

2). Characters will be moved to the new server with their current status intact, excluding some special cases.

3). Buffs will not be removed (Elixir buffs, Stat buffs, STAR status, etc.)

4). All Login Rewards, Offline EXP, and Activity Rewards hours will be reset to 0.

5). Warehouse items and expansions will not change.

6. Friends and Contacts

Your Friends list will remain unchanged, and the names on the list will be tagged with their respective server numbers.

7. Mail 

Mailboxes will not be affected by the merge. The contents of everyone's Mailbox will remain intact after the merge.

Items placed for sale in the Auction House will also be unaffected by the merge and will remain for sale after.

8. Siege War

All siege points will reset after the merge. Guilds will then be able to register for the wars again.