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Game Updates [Sep 23rd] (Updated)

Posted On: Sep. 22, 2014


Dear players! We will be holding a scheduled maintenance from 01:00AM - 05:00AM on Sep 23rd (GMT-5). During this time, you will not be able to log in to the game. Tons of great new features and updates are just moments away. Stay tuned!

All characters will receive a system rebate of 2,000 vouchers after this maintenance!


[New Titles]
New titles 'Reincarnation' and 'Northern Queen' have been added. Please view the in-game Achievements for more information.
Mount Island closed. Fuse function for Pets disabled. 
You can now upgrade your Lv 91-100 equipment  to (Lv 111-120) with a Saint Mark.
After upgrading, Creator Ores will be returned instead of Equipment Essences for enhancements of Lv 111-120 equipment if your Lv 91-100 equipment is +60. 
Saint Mark and Creator Ore can be exchanged for “Tanzanite” with the Tanzanite Collector [272,211] in Forrester City. Tanzanite can also be collected in-game.   
[WOD Anniversary] Event Start (Event will end at Oct. 22nd)
1. Access our special Anniversary map through Christol [182, 82] in Forrester City. 
2. Anniversary Event
Complete the quests given by the NPC in the “Festive Maze” to get an [Anni Pack]. Open the pack for a chance to get Tanzanite, EXP Scroll V, EXP Scroll VI, EXP Scroll VII (used to receive 1,000,000 EXP,) Transmutation Stone I, Transmutation Stone II, Bio Potion I, Slot Point Scroll (50, 100, and 500,) Transformation Orbs, and more!
3. A-Mazing Gifts
During the event, random 'Anni Gifts' will appear in our special Anniversary Map. 
Open the gifts for a chance to get Equipment Essence II, Equipment Essence III, Equipment Essence IV, Bag of Coins, HP Elixir I, MP Elixir I, Transmutation Stone I, Pet Stamina Crystal, Lucky Rune I, Mount Catalyst, Card Box B, Card Box A, Tanzanite, and more!
Items received from gifts are non-transferable. 
4. Event Dungeon:
Evil Partycrashers are here to spoil the fun for everyone! Go to “Peace Trial” (accessible through Christol [182,82]) and send those evil doers back to where they belong!
Defeat the BOSS for a chance to get Tanzanite, Equipment Essence II, Equipment Essence III, Equipment Essence IV, Lucky Rune, Mount Catalyst, Card Box, Eye of Enlightenment, Transmutation Stone I, Transmutation Stone II, Gem Box, and more! 
1. Updated description for Champion's Trial.
2. Updated description for Heroic Trial.
3. Added chance for Tanzanite drops for map BOSS and Lv 80 Sacred Grove BOSS. 
4. [Goddess Cruor] exchange through Lucky Roulette lowered to 10 red gems.