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Game Update Report - November 23, 2012

Posted On: Nov. 21, 2012

Attention heroes! Thank you for all of your support during our maintenance! Please take a moment to review our recent game updates:
[Class Transcendence]
1. You can now transcend your class when you Lv 70.
2. New Quest: Receive a Transcend Quest from Karl in Olivia when you reach Lv 70. Complete the quest to advance your class.
3. New Skills: Upon transcendence, your character will learn three new skills. All skills differ by class and advancement.
4. New Guide: New tips/tutorial will be given.
5. New Map Area: New map area [Frozen Realm] open for Transcend quests.
6. New Dungeon: New Dungeon [Advanced Trials] open for Transcend quests.
7. New Rewards: Special equipment will be awarded according to your class upon completion of the quest chain.
8. Auction: Extra fields will open for more streamlined searches of new class equipments.
9. After transcendence, you can choose to switch between two different jobs [Transcendence].
10. Every job switch requires 100 Cash and can be done through the advancement interface.
11. After the switch, incompatible attributes will be removed.
[Skill Rune] Feature Activation
1. When a skill’s level is maxed out, three types of Skill Rune effects will be activated, increasing the attributes of skills.
2. Different skill runes affect skills differently from one another.
3. When activating a skill rune, a certain amount of [Runestone] is required.
4. You can find Runestones from Dungeons, Monster kills, and in the Mall.
5. If you don’t have enough Runestones, Skill Runes will revert back to the regular skill effects.
[Alchemy Lab] Feature open
1. Upon reaching Lv 25, each character will receive their own [Alchemy Lab]. you can earn a huge amount of EXP, Coins and BP from Alchemy.
2. Use Coins to refine with the Cauldron earn Philosopher's Stones, Coins, EXP Potions, and BP Runes.
3. Use different materials for refining. High quality materials will produce more items, and increased the time used for Alchemy.
4. You can even steal items from your friends’ Alchemy Lab! Stealing costs 2 Action Points. You will regain 5 Action Points hourly.
5. item type can only be stolen 4 times at a cost of 10% of total production.
6. Cauldrons and Action Point gauges will increase based on your character’s level.
1. Guild Base attack announcement. Announcement will not be repeated if attackers exit battle or die in the base.
2. NPC bug in Alchemist’s Request fixed.
3. Improvements were made for guild announcements. 
4. [Costume Attributes] have been added for all costumes!
5. PMs will now appear as speech bubbles.
6. A huge amount of guards will patrol Forrester City from now on. 
7. Auction bug fixed.
8. Pet life bug fixed.
9. Pet Enhancement bug fixed.
10. Daily “Astral Trials” levels will now be automated except for levels with drops [Level 5, 10, 15, 20].
11. "Daily Login Rewards" image bug fixed
12. MP Elixir now shows the correct amount of MP restored.
[Valley of Death] Map open
Enter the map via the portal on the left side of the Holy Grounds.
Monster info: Death Wraith
Level: 72
Type: Agro
EXP: 1500
Drops: New advance class equipment.
Note: All players will receive 500 Vouchers for your patience with the recent game bugs!