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Buy One, Get one Free! (Nov.11 Only)

Posted On: Nov. 10, 2012



To celebrate Veterans Day on Nov.11th, we’re so excited that we’re going to celebrate with a “buy one, get one free” deal for everyone! That’s right; you’ll be getting up to 250% of what you paid for on every purchase! The more you buy, the more you get!
Event Duration
November.11th Server Time (GMT-5)
I. Buy One, Get one Free! 
Purchase Cash during the event period via any payment channel to receive the regular amount plus one time the amount of Cash you’ll normally get!
For example, if you bought 10, 000 Cash (excluding the Bonus Cash) during the event period, you’ll get 10,000 additional bonus Cash for a grand total of 20,000 - IMMEDIATELY!!! 
II. Super Thanksgiving!
Purchase at least 2,000 Cash (excluding the Bonus Cash) from the official WOD website via any payment channel during the event for additional 2000 Cash bonus! 
Each account and/or IP will only be able to earn this bonus once. The Bonus Cash will be deposited into the winners' corresponding STAR accounts within three business days after the event ends.
WOD Team