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Halloween Special III: 115% Cash Bonus!

Posted On: Oct. 11, 2012


We know you're hungry for more special deals, so here's one more! For the next 4 days, get up to 115% Bonus Cash with your purchase! Go go go!
Event Time
Oct .12th - Oct.15th Server Time (GMT-5)
Event Rules
1. Get the 8,750 Cash ($224.90) bundle during the event period to get 115% Bonus Cash! Each account and/or IP will only be able to earn this bonus once.
2. Enjoy a 89% bonus on any Cash purchase during the event period! The more you buy, the more you save!
Get Cash Now (Use a Credit Card to complete your order for an additional 10% bonus!)
The 89% bonus offered by Rule #2 will not apply to any Cash order benefiting from Rule #1. 
The WOD Team