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Game Update Report - October 12, 2012

Posted On: Oct. 11, 2012


Attention heroes! Thank you for all of your support during our maintenance! Please take a moment to review our recent game updates:

[Updates and Improvements]
1. Content guides for “Badges” and “Warrior’s Trial” have been added to the Dungeon Guide.
2. Crystal Pillar HP in the Siege War will no longer restore automatically.
3. The Guild Base pet bug has been fixed. 
4. Map effects for Newbie EXP have been adjusted.
[Bag and Warehouse Updates]
1. The Bag is now even more simple and convenient to use!
2. You can now unlock Bag spaces directly from your Bag! 
3. You can now spend Coins and Cash to unlock Bag and Warehouse spaces!
4. Now you can choose how many Bag spaces you want to unlock!
5. UI Adjustment.
The original Bag display has been replaced by an improved interface. The Warehouse also displays 128 spaces, making it easier to view your Warehouse inventory.
6. No more Bag Items!
You will no longer receive Bag items through Quests, Mall, Exchanges, or other methods.
7. Storage increase!
The maximum storage capacity for your Bag and Warehouse have been increased to 256 spaces each.
8. Bag Transformation
The Bag Items that would normally appear in a players Bags will now automatically transform into storage space. The number of storage spaces will remain the same, with any previously owned Bag items now converted into appropriate storage space.
9. Bonus Rewards!
These updates will automatically give players an extra 20 spaces to place in both your Bag and Warehouse to store your rewards! It’s our way of saying thank you for helping us make Wings of Destiny the best gaming experience on Facebook!