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Game Updates Report Jan 15 [UPDATED]

Posted On: Jan. 14, 2014


[Ash Abyss] Ancient Lands Open Now!

1. New Ancient Land [Ash Abyss]. Enter by speaking to Mayor Thomas(104,95) in Tranquil Bay.

2. There are total of 7 levels in Ash Abyss. Every level has 2 normal monsters. Defeat them for a chance to get Bag of Coins (10,000 – 50,000 Coins per bag) and Runestones.

3. There will be 2 different Elite monsters in each level. Defeat them for a chance to get a Transmutation Stone III, Bag of Coins, Runestone Pack, and an EXP Scroll.

4. BOSS [Lord Byss] resides on B6, the last level of the dungeon. Defeat it to get a Transmutation Stone III, Coin Chest, Gem, Runestone Pack, and a chance to get a Lucky Rune Lv 1, Mount Catalyst, Knight Crystal, Equipment Essence IV, Guardian Fragment, and more!

5. Auto-Path function has been removed for the boss in Ancient Lands.[UPDATED]


[Grade S Pet for New Year] [From Jan 20 to Feb 8]

1. Forrester City and Olivia are ringing in the New Year with festive Spring Packs. Open them for a chance to get Bags of Coins, EXP Scrolls, HP Elixir II, MP Elixir II, Transmutation Stone I, Bio Potion I, Equipment Essence I x3, Wing Tips x2, and Equipment Essence II.

2. Talk to Pheolia (23,155) in Olivia during the event to enter Crystal Canyon and challenge Ankerrui:

There will be three difficulty levels for the dungeon and different monster drops. You’ll get one entry per day (STAR level does not affect the number of entries). Defeat the BOSS for a chance to get Ankerrui’s Soul, Mount Catalyst, Lucky Rune Lv 1, Equipment Essence I, Equipment Essence II, Equipment Essence III, Equipment Essence IV, Transmutation Stone I, and Transmutation Stone II.

Lv 70+ players may challenge a Heroic version of the dungeon. Defeat BOSS for chance to receive Ankerrui’s Soul, Goddess Cruor (for enhancing Mount Equipment), Knight Crystals, Transmutation Stone II, Transmutation Stone III, and more!

All levels of the dungeon have a chance to drop a Grade S pet Ankerrui. 

3. Collect Ankerrui’s Soul to exchange for items with Pheolia:

Ankerrui’s Soul x1 for Equipment Essence II

Ankerrui’s Soul x3 for Equipment Essence III

Ankerrui’s Soul x20 for Guardian Fragment

Ankerrui’s Soul x120 for Grade S Pet Ankerrui


[Mount Equipment]

1. Function becomes available at Lv 70. Mount Equipment can increase the total mount bonus for your character.

2. Enhancement requires EXP and Goddess Cruor. Mount bonuses increase with enhancements on mount equipment.


[Imbibe] [Click for more details!]

1. After using Imbibe, mount attributes will be converted to attribute points for players to reassign to their STR, INT, VIT, and SPI.

2. Imbibe requires Knight Crystal x2. Mounts with enhancements above Stage 2 will grant more bonus attribute points. +6 Mounts will grant +300% bonus points.!

3. Players may assign the attribute points on the [Imbibe] interface. 


[Updates & Fixes]

Sacred Grove difficulty level fixed. 


The WOD Team