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Imbibe Function Introduction

Posted On: Jan. 14, 2014



Players may now use the Imbibe function, and sacrifice their mounts to receive points for character attributes.

Note: Mounts used for Imbibe will be sacrificed/deleted PERMANENTLY for permanent attribute points. 


1. Open Imbibe interface, and select the mount you wish to sacrifice. Interface will show how much attribute points you can gain from the mount AFTER imbibe, as shown below: 


2. Click on “Imbibe”, the selected mount and Knight Crystal *2 will be sacrificed, and attributes points will be awarded as seen below:


3. After Imbibe, players will receive a certain amount of attribute points left (varies according to mount enhancements) , and players may distribute the points to their desired attributes.


4. After Imbibe, current mount bonus attributes and attributes gained through Imbibe will form player’s final attribute bonus.