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Discover NEW rewards this Columbus day!

Posted On: Oct. 7, 2012


To celebrate the Columbus Day on October 8th (GMT-5), we will be holding an celebration event.
Event Duration:
October 8th Server Time (GMT-5)
Event Description:
1. First purchase of $1 Order during the event and will receive 500% of the usual amount of Cash! It's Super Sale! You can't miss it! 
During the event, each account and IP can only redeem this promotional offer once.
BUT WAIT there's more!
2. ENJOY an 89% more CASH on any cash purchase during the Event period! For example, if you purchase 3550 Cash, you will receive a total of 6709 Cash! The more you buy, the more you get!
The bonus offered by Rule #2 will not apply to any Cash order benefiting from Rule #1. Meaning you can't get both 500% and 89% bonus on your first purchase. 
Get Cash Now (Select the Credit Card payment option when buying Cash to earn an additional 10% bonus on the order!)
The WOD Team