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Game Update Report - September 27, 2012

Posted On: Sep. 26, 2012



[Updates and Improvements]

1. You can now use the [Sell] feature at STAR1 instead of STAR5. Players without STAR levels can visit any Merchant NPC and open the Buy interface to use the [Sell] feature.

2. Various items in the Mall have had their price adjusted. 

3. The “Collect Seashell” quest’s visual effects have been adjusted.

4. Achievements descriptions have been adjusted.

5. New Siege Point “Olivia” has been added. Guild members that occupy the Siege Point will earn 200 BP every 11 hours.

6. Special effects indicating Material locations have been enabled on Maps.

7. New “Royal Duty” quests are now available for all Lv 31-44 players! There are no daily limits. Get huge EXP rewards for every round! 

8. The amount of Mount Catalysts needed for enhancement is reduced. It now takes 1 Catalyst to enhance a mount from Lv 4 to Lv 5. This greatly increases bonnus enhancement rates!

9. The HP Bonus available in the “Deathmatch Arena” has been decreased from 200% to 150% to intensify combat!

10. EXP earned from Elite Monster quests has been increased by 250%.

11. Skill upgrades are now automated and will no longer cost Coins!

12. You can now see other players’ Card attribute bonuses when viewing their info from the Rankings.

13. The Chat window size can now be adjusted freely.

14. Longer item names will now appear as two lines in the Auction House. 

15. The character limit for mail messages has been increased.

16. There is a new visual mouseover effect for certain items in the Bag interface. Items that cannot be used will have a red display.

17. Mouseovers for item’s effect durations and icons for card status are added to Items. 

18. The minimum attribute growth during enhancement has been adjusted from 0 to 1.

19. The Skill interface has been revamped in preparation for the new Advanced Class system!

20. Visual effects have been enhanced for Weapons! Any Grade A and greater weapons will now have its own unique special effects when enhanced to +13, +17, +20, and +25.


[New Functions]

1. NEW [Mysterio Shop]!

You can purchase special items at a low cost in the Mysterio Shop. Shop items are available for purchase based on your level and the 6-item list is refreshed every two hours. Using “Refresh Item” will reset the countdown.


2. NEW [Warrior’s Trial] Dungeon!

Complete this exciting new multi-stage Dungeon up to 2 times daily to receive fantastic rewards, including Gems, Enhancement Materials, and Cards! You cannot use potions inside the map and may only resurrect 1 time per entry. This feature is available at Lv 25.


3. [Dungeon Guide] feature unlocked!

The Dungeon Guide provides assistance throughout the game. A link will be displayed on the quest board if a character’s level does not meet the main quest requirement. 


4. NEW [Prayer] feature unlocked!

“Acolytes” have appeared in Forrester City! Speak to them to enter Prayer mode to gain periodic EXP rewards. Lv 50+ players can earn Coins as well.


5. [Continuous Login Rewards]

Get rewarded for logging in every day! Find your continuous login rewards in the “Login Rewards” Interface. Reward items include Gem Shards, Enhancement Essence, Mount Catalysts, Card Boxes, Advanced Mounts, and Dragon Essence.