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Game Updates Report Nov 13

Posted On: Nov. 12, 2013


Event [Thanksgiving Giveback] Open! [From Nov 21 - Dec 05]

1. Daily Login Gifts
Log in for 10 consecutive days during the event to receive a Grade A [Turbo Turkey] mount.
2. “Pagan Territory” Dungeon:
Head to Castia Corridor and find Indiana Sibil (Castia Corridor [174,337]). If you’re willing to help him, travel to Spirit Path and exterminate the demons. 
Players may only enter the dungeon once each day. There are 8 stages in the dungeon. 
Kill the Boss for a chance to win Equipment Essence II, Equipment Essence III, Equipment Essence IV, Lucky Rune, Mount Catalyst, Card Box, Eye of Enlightenment, Transmutation Stone I, Transmutation Stone II, Gem Box, and more.
Enemies in Stage 4 and higher have a chance to drop rare treasures and cards including the Grade S [Assassin’s Note] Card. 
[Guild Dungeon]
1. Activate – Activating the dungeon requires Guild Gold and Supplies. The dungeon can only be activated once each day.
2. Participation – Only the Guild Leader and Lieutenants have permission to activate the Guild Dungeon. All guild members may participate in the event. Members are free to enter and leave dungeon while it’s activate. However there’s a limit of 50 members per dungeon at a time. 
3. How to Play – When the dungeon is activated, different monsters will be spawned on 4 corners of the map at different times. Enemies will target the center crystal tower and guild members must prevent the tower from being destroyed. 
4. How to Win - Exterminate all enemies. Players lose if the Crystal Tower is destroyed or they can’t defeat the enemies within the time limit.
5. Reward – Complete the Dungeon to get Celestial Stones, Reputation Points, and Blessing Points. Place in the top 10 to get better rewards. Kill Dungeon Chiefs and Lieutenants for a chance to get rare items.
[Updates and Fixes]
1. Wings visual for Faith Badge fixed (Divine III and Hellish V)
2. Improved Auto-combat. HP Potions will not be consumed during symbiosis while in auto-combat. 
3. Guild Rewards adjusted: Horn, STR Potion, INT Potion have been removed. Bag of Coins will be changed to Coin Chest, increasing the amount of coins rewarded. 
4. Worship selection frequency limit added to prevent unwanted use of Cash after running out of free chances. 
5. Symbiosis selection frequency limit added to prevent errors from symbiosis due to excessive commands. 
6. Fixed team bug. Team mates now share EXP and loot even if an enemy is killed by a pet. 
7. Fixed latency bug for gems and cards that caused items to be sold or discarded when network latency issues arose. 
8. Fixed Siege issue. One guild can only occupy one siege. 
9. Fixed a connection issue that occurred when exiting Realm Colosseum. 
The WOD Team