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A Dollar A Day!

Posted On: Sep. 12, 2012


Want superb bang for your buck? Then read on! For a limited time only, you can snag some awesome daily rewards for just A BUCK! 7 days, 7 rewards, 7 dollars - don't miss out!

Event Duration
September 13th, 2012 to September 30th, 2012 (GMT-5)

Event Rules
Rewards claimed are accumulated; the FIRST day you make a 1 USD purchase  counts as Day 1. Spend a minimum of 1 USD each day after to get the rewards listed below! Make purchases for 7 days in a row, and you'll even receive a Magic Bag(15 slots!) from us - FREE!

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Rewards (Choose one as your rewards for each day)
Day 1 to Day 3
Lv 1 Lapis lazuli*7
Lv 1 Opal*7
Lv 1 Belomorite*7
Lv 1 Peridot*7
Lv 1 Malachite*7
Equipment Essence II*5
Day 4 to Day 5
Lv 2 Opal*2
Lv 2 Peridot*2
Lv 2 Lapis lazuli*2
Lv 2 Belomorite*2
Lv 2 Malachite*2
Equipment Essence II*5
Day 6 to Day 7
HP Elixir III*4
MP Elixir III*4
Equipment Essence II*5
EXP Rune III*3
Wing Tips*10
Double Blessing*5


Get all seven daily rewards and you'll receive a free 15-slot bag (Magic Bag) from us on the 8th day!

Every account is entitled to only ONE such redemption - be sure to select the correct character! Rewards will be sent to your mailbox within 10 minutes after redemption completes.

The WOD Team