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Winners: Come Celebrate Our New Spirit Well Server!

Posted On: Oct. 14, 2013



Winners of celebration events on Server 50 -   Spirit Well afollowing:

Event: Be The Best Guild!

Rank Guild Name
1st Thoracians
2nd SpartanEmpire
3rd TheLost

Event: Level Up Rush!


Rank Knight Hunter Mage Priest
1 3xis _=DA_GRUDGE=_ Clyde69 justitia
2 Scarred Fang whoami victory^poe
3 Ghut Vixenia CH@rd29 Dkjdior
4 HANNIBAL Anne rex347 NUMBER..0
5 Graetkatabatic Don MrsHannibal Aye_Is_Here
6 pfft2 JohnCarter WizKid MistressHealer
7 WanBlack MeganSeo Rob TheReaper
8 Olivia-Irene WiCkEdBiTcH Xexenia Priest=_=Mode
9 DarklordScott baz eVo WendyMarvel
10 -Thortan- Flank Katud Mayiej