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Game Updates Report Oct 14

Posted On: Oct. 13, 2013


[Halloween] Event Open (Oct 15 - Nov 2)

1. A special Team Dungeon is now available! Travel to the [Twilight Wasteland] by speaking to the Halloween Messenger. Defeat all the enemies to get a [Halloween Gift]. Open this gift for a chance to get Mall items, a Voucher Bag, and a [Halloween Treat]. Limit three entries per day. STAR level does not affect the number of entries allowed.

2. A special Solo Dungeon is available! Players get one free daily entry to [Halloween Fantasy] (Enter by speaking to the Halloween Messenger [183, 82] in Forrester City. Defeat the BOSS Evil Mask for a chance to get Equipment Essence II, Equipment Essence III, Lucky Rune, Mount Catalyst, EXP Rune, Pet HP Elixir, Pet Stamina Crystal, Wing Tips, Guild Supplies, Card Box C and a random Celestial Stone.

3. Defeat monsters at your character’s level for a chance to get Halloween Treats used to complete special quests and earn extra [Halloween Fantasy] entries.

4. During the event, players can complete the requests of special NPCs to get Bags of Coins and EXP Scrolls.


[Soul Nightfall]

1. The new event [Soul Nightfall] is available! Players may access this dungeon by speaking to Olivia [147, 71] or by opening the Events tab.

2. This is a solo event. Limit two entries per day. STAR level does not affect the number of entries granted.

3. When the event starts, 100 monsters will appear in the center of the map. They will patrol a set path before disappearing. Kill the monsters before they reach the end of their patrol. If 50 monsters slip by, you lose!

4. Tip: Use an EXP Rune to increase the EXP you get. Once the monsters are cleared, the BOSS will appear. Defeat the BOSS for tons of EXP!

5. There are three difficulty levels in event. Each will give a different amount of EXP.

6. Disconnecting during the event will count as exiting the dungeon. The dungeon will reset, and your entry chance will not be returned.

7. You may spend Coins to revive yourself twice during the event. Monster HP will not be reset if you revive.



Pet fuse option has been disabled.


[Bug Fixes] 

1. Pet training: You must now confirm your choice to use Cash during pet training. This is intended to help players avoid accidentally spending Cash on advanced training.

2. Auto-combat: Sort is now disabled in Auto-combat.

3. Auto-combat: The Priest skill "Blessing" was removed from the auto-combat skill list.

4. Arena: When time is up in the team arena, the cancel button will be disabled and players will be unable to leave until team issues are fixed. Teams will automatically be disbanded after each event.

5. Dungeon achievements have been fixed.

6. The achievement "Weakling" has been adjusted to 50 deaths.

7. Pet Mall – Fixed Battle Points issue when exchanging for pets.

8. Arctos aggro issue fixed.

9. Adjusted speed of the monsters and the BOSS in Sacred Grove.

10. Fixed chat bug.

11. Powersweep can now be used while in a team. To continue the challenge manually, players will have to leave their team.



1. Achievements – New achievements: Steam Giant, Hyakki Night, Twilight Wasteland, Halloween Fantasy, Soul Nightfall, Northern King.

2. Title – New titles: Divine King and Northern King. Divine King is a Halloween exclusive title. To get it, you must complete Steam Giant, Hyakki Night, Twilight Wasteland, and Halloween Fantasy. Divine King title buff: Max HP +20,000; ATK +500; MATK +500; DEF +7,000; MDEF+7,000. The Northern King title can only be achieved through participation in official events. Northern King title buff: Max HP +10,000; ATK +3,000; MATK+3,000. Allows transformation into the Northern King.

3. Title – New function: Titles can now be unequipped.

4. Adjusted rewards for "Alchemist's Request", "Recover the Wings", and "The Demon Dilemma" for quests above Lv 75. You now get a:

Chance to get Celestial Stone, EXP Scroll V, and EXP Scroll VI in event;

Chance to get Transmutation Stone I in Lv 75-89 events;

Chance to get Transmutation Stone II in Lv 90-95 events;

Chance to get Transmutation Stone III in Lv 100 events;

Chance to get Glory Scroll (100), Lucky Rune in "The Demon Dilemma";

Chance to get Card Box C, Card Box B,and Lucky Rune in "Alchemist's Request".

The reward process will not change; flip a card after the event ends to reveal the reward.

5. Lucky Roulette items list adjustment: Bio Potion I (45 Emeralds), Card Box C (15 Emeralds), Runestone Pack (10 Emeralds), Card Box B (30 Sapphires), Card Box A (50 Amethysts).

6. Mount Batch Enhance adjusted: Mounts under +5 will only be evolved to a maximum of +5 and Knight Crystals will not be used to evolve mounts at the same time.

7. Login reward adjusted: Instead of a Cerberus Pup, players will get a Knight Crystal.

8. STAR Lv function: STAR 4 and STAR 9 will receive DMG RED buffs when using auto-combat.


The WOD Team