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Purchase and win! [Oct 13 -16]

Posted On: Oct. 13, 2013


Event Period:

Oct 13 - 16 Only Server Time(GMT-5)

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Event Rules:
1. You’ll get one chance to draw for every purchase of 200 Cash (excluding the Bonus Cash).

2. Click “Start Draw” to receive a random number consisting of 8 digits.

3. Players can select “Start Multi-Draw” and choose how many chances they wish to use in Multi-Draw. The largest combination of numbers from these draws will be kept.

4. Depending on the combination drawn, you could win a chance in the Grand Prize Draw or the Daily Top Prize (only for digits drawn on that day.) You can check your ranking in Draw History.

5. Daily Top Prizes will be awarded to the 5 players with the largest combinations drawn each day.  There are 5 levels of Daily Top Prizes to be won.

6. At the end of the event, the player with the largest combination drawn will win the Grand Prize.


1. Prizes will be sent out the next day to players’ in-game mail. Prizes are non-transferrable.
2. Your in-game mailbox can only hold up to 50 messages, so please make sure there’s enough space to receive your prizes. There will be no compensation or replacements issued for lost prizes due to overcrowded mailboxes.
3. Please collect all items from mail before maintenance to avoid unwanted losses. There will be no compensation or replacements for prizes lost due to maintenance.
4. Receiving prizes might be delayed if there is a high number of participants in the event. Please be patient. Please refresh the game to receive your prize if you are in game when they are distributed.
5. IGG reserves the final rights to interpretations of this event, its rules, and its rewards.