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Game Update Report - Aug 9, 2013[Updated]

Posted On: Aug. 7, 2013



1. Pet Stable: Extra pets can be stored in the stable. You won’t get symbiosis bonuses from pets stored in the stable.
2. Mount Stable: Extra mounts can be stored in the stable. You won’t get bonuses to your attributes from mounts stored in the stable.
3. Achievements related to the stables can be checked in the Achievement tab. 
[New Potion]
1. Bio Potion I: Use to recover 30% Energy. 
2. Bio Potion II: Use to recover 60% Energy. 
3. Bio Potion III: Use to recover 100% Energy. 
4. Source: Buy in mall.
[Alchemy Lab]
1. New material: 
EXP Elixir Base (Grade S/SS): Perform alchemy to gain tons of EXP. 
Blessing Soul: Perform alchemy to gain Blessing Points. 
2. Chance to receive Celestial Stones when harvesting. Chances increases with level of materials. 
[New Cards]
[Sword of Rule] – Grade A
Weapons: Disregard % of enemy damage reduction when attacking or using skills.
Armor: Reflect DMG on attacker, with additional insignia. When there are 6 insignias on the target, the DMG the target takes will increase by % for a certain period of time.
Accessories: Increase INT and STR
[New Equipment]
1. New: Lv 100 Equipment for all classes
2. How to get: Transmute Lv 90 equipment to receive the new gear. Use a Transmutation Stone III. (Source: Buy from the Mall or earn by defeating Bosses)
[ Derby Racetrack]
1. You will lose an event participation chance once the event begins. Quitting during the event preparation stage will not use an event participation chance.
2. Unable to check on other players’ info or profile during the preparation stage.  
[New Map]
1. Misty Forest: Access point at Imperial Palace [299, 144]. This map has three areas (The World Map only grants access to Misty Forest L1.)
Enemy levels: 
Area L1: Lv 87-89 (Active)
Area L2: Lv 90-92 (Active)
Area L3: Lv 93-95 (Active)
2. Tranquil Bay: Access point at Imperial Palace [177, 332]. Enemy level: Lv 96-100 (Active).
3. Daily quests in new maps to a limit of 5 per day.
[New Dungeon - Sacred Grove]
1. Access to dungeon through Rita ( Location: Misty Forest L3 [57, 78]) 
2. Two types of dungeons available:
Elite: For Lv 80+ players. 5 daily chances. (STARs receive bonus entries based on their Star Level)
Heroic: For Lv 90+ players. 1 daily chance. (No bonus entry for STARs)
3. Select BOSS through NPC (once per entry only)
Randomly summon a single BOSS. You will get the loot upon defeating it.
Summon 2 BOSSes. Defeat both to get their loot. 
4. BOSS Drop: 
Chance to drop Mount Catalyst x2, Lv 3 Lucky Rune x2, Glory Scroll (100) x1, Lv 2 Gem x3, Equipment Essence III x2, Rune Stone Pack x3, Guardian Fragment x 1.
Guaranteed rewards: Transmutation Stone II x5, Coin Chest I x2.
Chance to drop Lv 3 Gem x2, Grade A Card Box x1.
Guaranteed rewards: Celestial Stones x15, Transmutation Stone III x5, Lv 3 Gem x1, Knight Crystal x2, Coin Chest IV x5, Equipment Essence IV x3, Glory Scroll (100) x1.
1. Favor function added to Summon Deity: Set the level of deity to collect and the amount of times to summon. Click on Favor to complete the Summon, Worship, and Collect processes all at once. 
2. Favor function added to Pet and Mount Talent: Auto-levels the talents so long as you have sufficient Blessing Points. 
3. Fuse: Additional choices shown for all gems, materials, pets. Select to view different types. 
4. Guild Workshop: Prices for Transmutation Stone I and II reduced. 
5. For Lv 66-100 players, the Mysterious Shop will include Transmutation Stone I (Price: 500,000-600,000 Coins) and Transmutation Stone II (Price: 600,000-700,000 Coins)
6. Warrior’s Trial: The notice “Unable to use potion” will no longer appear when on auto-combat mode. 
7. Lv 90 Deadliest Hunt rewards adjusted. Players will now receive [Elite Treasure Chest VIII] and a chance to receive a Bag of Coins or a Transmutation Stone III.
8. Adjusted chances to get Transmutation Stone I and II in [Elite Treasure Chest VII] (Reward of Lv 80 Deadliest Hunt)
9. You will be unable to discard equipment with gems or cards.
10. You will be unable to create a team or talk to an NPC to teleport during Escort quests.
11. Chance to receive Transmutation Stone I as BOSS Drop now in Lv 70 Dungeons (Heroic Mode only).
12. Fuse: New fusing option available. Fuse Transmutation Stone I x3 to create a single Transmutation Stone II. 
13. Daily login reward: Gem fragments received for the first three days will be adjusted to Lv 1 Lapis Lazuli, Lv 1 Peridot, and Lv 1 Amber respectively. 
[Bug Fixes]
1. Warrior’s Trial: Pet bug fixed. You can now use Pet Stamina Crystals. 
2. Warrior’s Trial: Team bug fixed. Joining team while in a trial or entering a trial while in a team is no longer possible. Elixirs can be used again in trials. 
3. Realm - The Pet window can't be opened in this Realm due to an error! Your default pet can still be summoned.
4. Pet: Pet bugs have been fixed. Attributes, talents, enhancement, and training problems are all functioning properly now. 
5. Fuse: Fuse items bearing green wording have been fixed. Now all wording colours will follow grade of items. 
6. Card fusion: Bug for guild boost has been fixed. Now fusion success percentage will include Guild buffs.
The WOD Team